Music: A critical ingredient


In planning any event or party, music is such an important consideration and this is ever so true for your wedding reception.  In my opinion, music can make or break your night – that’s how important I think it is!

Now music is such a subjective thing…what you like your partner may not and vice versa.  And what both of you may like may not translate to the dance floor and get your guests dancing about!

With most things weddings, where possible I urge you to hire a professional to do the job for you and this is definitely the case when it comes to choosing your music.  Getting a great DJ (be warned there are terrible ones out there!!) or a ripper band will add so much to your reception and help make it the party that it should be (if that is what you are going for of course).  A great DJ/band will know how to read the night/crowd and determine what songs should be played to keep the night pumping…there can be nothing worse than the wrong song being dropped which clears the dance floor as it just doesn’t fit that point in time.

DJ/band is definitely something to consider when it comes to music but here are a few other things you may not have thought about:

How loud can you play it?

Some venues have noise restrictions after a certain time and this can result in your gloriously loud music being turned right down which can completely change the mood.  For those of you who know the music side of me you will know that I love my music loud (and play it that way!!) and it pains me when I need to turn it down because for me music is meant to be played loud where you can both hear and feel it!

If music is as important to you then definitely check for any noise restrictions at your venue and decide if it will be a hindrance for you.

You’re going to DIY the music?

I have on many occasions been in charge of the music for a party we have held (as well as my own wedding reception!) and all modesty intact the event absolutely rocked.  What did I do?  I spent a good amount of time setting up a playlist that made sense for the flow of the evening.  I started it with music that would suit being in the background (where it should be for the start) but still uptempo and fun.  I was careful not to have a disjointed flow and that songs didn’t seem out of place for the time they were going to be played and I also made sure that for when I wanted the party to be an awesome dancing heaving mass of people that the music reflected that!

Its also important to note that the music was played through proper PA speakers that could go far louder than I needed on the night (a large group of people talking after a few drinks consumed can be very loud (and can absorb a lot of sound with their bodies) and you need the music to be able to cut through that and then some!

Cherry on top?

Not really music but it can certainly add to your evening and that is having a ‘disco’ light or two and why not throw in a smoke/fog machine whilst you’re at it.  They really do add to the atmosphere and help bring the party vibe out.  Smoke machines can also help people feel less self-conscious on the dance floor as they are a little hidden with the smoke.  And quite frankly, coloured lasers/light beams through smoke at night in a room with cranking music just looks awesome!  Can you tell who used to love going ‘clubbing’ when he was younger?!?!

These are by no means exhaustive when it comes to music at your reception but just a few things to consider in your planning of it.  It really does come down to the type of reception you want…be it a more formal affair, an epic dance party, or a kick-ass gig with an amazing band.  Music makes such a difference!




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