The year ahead…

Wowsers…it’s the start of a new year!  2017 is upon us and I am as excited as ever for the weddings ahead this year!  2016 was a ripper year (look out for my year in review blog post in a week or two) and this year is shaping up to be even better!

I can’t thank you all enough for being here, reading this and my other blog post ramblings, supporting my small business and helping me live my dream.  I absolutely love what I do and feel ever so privileged to be able to do it.  You guys are awesome for supporting me!

So what does this year have in store you ask?

Well…there will absolutely be rocky road consumption in excess as well as the devouring of soft cheese and, I may even photograph a wedding or two 😉  On a serious note though (I was being serious about the rocky road…ok and the soft cheese too…) I have a few things planned (or in planning) that I can’t wait to deliver on…there is a new website in the planning (I don’t like this one so much anymore), some amazing collaborations in the pipeline with unreal wedding vendors (you’re gonna wanna watch out for this one!), my Winter Engagement Series will be making a return (sooo much fun shooting in the rain with willing victims…errr I mean couples…) and of course, on a personal note, the exciting next step of going into Year 2 for my son, Isaac!  

What’s on your plate for 2017?  Anything you are excited about aiming for?  Why not share it below in the comments…I’d love to hear!!  Oh and if you have a favourite soft cheese…then you MUST tell me in the comments below what it is…mine is currently Fromager d’Affinois…an unbelievably delicious French double-cream soft cheese made from cow’s milk…you have not lived until you have tried this.

Thanks for reading!



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