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The light slowly filters through the window and makes its way past the curtain filling your room with an ever increasing amount of light.  Knocking gently on your eyes it persists to wake you up…you grab a bunch of covers and roll away from the light, not yet ready to wake up and see what the day has in store for you…BUT WAIT…its your wedding day!!  Your mind quickly snaps into gear, a mix of excitement, nerves and joy all barreled into one.  The day you have spent months if not years planning has finally arrived and before you know it you will be marrying the man of your dreams and celebrating the night away at your epic reception…there isn’t a chance you will get back to sleep now…excitement has taken over…this is YOUR day!

You roll out of bed with the agenda of coffee firmly planted in your mind…the first task of the day…and cup in hand you wander outside to take in the morning, a moment of solitude before the cacophony of sounds fills the room and the ‘getting ready’ process begins.  Slowly your girls all wake up and join you, mugs in hands there is a awesome feeling of excitement in the air…this is going to be a day to remember…this is going to be amazing!

The morning of your wedding is a truly exciting time and for me as a wedding photographer (who spends a great deal of time with you) the sense of excitement and joy is infectious.  The thrill of it all, the knowledge of how much you have done and worked on for this very day, the questions you’ve had and no doubt the blood, sweat and tears that have gone in to it all…simply magical.  It really is.  I love seeing a couples day come together especially considering I have been a part of the planning process and have no doubt provided some advice along the way.

So now that your day has arrived, your hair and make up professionals are setting up and you slowly begin, here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way that’ll help with the morning, help keep a smile on your face and ultimately result in the very best wedding photos for you of this part of your day.


Have fun!

The thing I love most about the getting ready part of the day is the fun that can be had…I mean everyone would prefer to have fun over being bored yeah?  It’s so easy to have fun on your wedding morning!  Stick on some music, make sure there are some yummy nibbles (you MUST have a good lunch too!) and be sure to have organised a couple of fun things for you and your girls (and for the boys) to do!  It doesn’t have to be over the top – simple things like games can create a unique type of interaction with lots of happy natural smiles and laughter – that is photography gold!  If you’re enjoying yourselves (with whatever brings you enjoyment) then the photos will reflect that…they will reflect smiles and laughter, happiness and joy…you can’t photoshop that stuff in later!

Are you giving gifts?

Giving a gift to your bridesmaids is certainly going to bring a smile.  Adding a beautiful hand written note expressing how much it means to you that she is there for you today will make more magic happen.  Seriously.  The most important thing with this?  Make sure the photographer is there to capture it all – don’t give ANY gifts until they’ve arrived to capture this magic!

When it comes to gifts, don’t forget the boys!  Now I know how uninterested at times us boys can be when it comes to wedding planning but there are some things you just HAVE to make sure we get done and one of those is a gift for our groomsmen!  Hip-flask, engraved beer stein, cuff-links…whatever is suitable that can be a memory to look back on in the future.  And don’t forget to wait until the photographer is there to capture it all!


Keep It Clean!

Which of the above would you prefer to be the background for your getting ready images?  Nothing more to say other than this goes for the boys too…keep it neat, clean and tidy and the images will look so much better.  I’ve tidied up a room before it was that bad!!  Wouldn’t you prefer me taking photos rather than tidying a room?  Incidentally this is a job for your bridesmaids…have them keep on top of things and it won’t get too chaotic!


Its dress time!

Now comes the really EXCITING part of the morning…putting your dress on!!  For this you MUST have a good sized room with PLENTY of light!  Preferably a room with a great big window letting lots of luscious light in.  Have your bridesmaids get dressed first (and Mum and whoever else you’d like) and then have them help you get dressed! 

HOT TIP: When trying your dress on for the final fitting, have one of your bridesmaids with you so she can record how it is done up on her phone.  That way you will have a record of how to do it!  They can be a little tricky at times and the person at the shop makes it look SO easy but that’s because she has done it 100 times that week alone!  Oh yeah and make sure you know how long it will take (not how long you think it will take)…they can sometimes take quite a bit longer than you anticipate which will burn time and may lead to you being unnecessarily stressed!  Bridezilla anyone!??!

Next comes your accessories!  Having your girls help here makes for some beautiful images and don’t forget to include Mum too!


Bring Dad in…

Once you are all dressed its time to bring Dad in to see you for the first time!  Known to often bring a tear to everyone’s eyes there is something so very special about the first time Dad see’s you as a bride.  Again, do this in a bright room that is neat and tidy and your photos will pop!  

There are many many more tips I have floating around in my mind but that would make for a very long blog post!  Thanks so much for reading and making it this far…it means the world to me to have you here reading my thoughts and it would mean even more if you’d share it with someone who you think would benefit…the world is a far better place when we help each other.

On a sad note I have had to turn away four couples in the past week due to me already being booked for their date…these are couples who have been referred to me by past brides or venues that love what I do and how I do it.  In the most un-salesy way possible, please, if you are even slightly considering having me as your wedding photographer (should I be so lucky!) please reach out and say hello (there’s an email link just below) and let me know the date you are thinking so I can have you on the radar…this is especially so for any 2018 bride to be and late 2017 (limited dates available).  I promise I don’t bite and I’m not pushy…just ask any of my past brides…

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