Have you considered a first look?


Growing in popularity is the first look which completely turns the traditional timeline for a wedding on its head! Why? Because straight after you are ready we head off to a pre-determined location and have your boy meet us there too! Now comes the fun bit…we make sure that he doesn’t see you until we are ready for him to so we can capture his face when he see’s you for the very first time as his to-be bride!

Some serious magic can happen because it is just you two (and me!) for however long we have set aside (45-60 mins is ideal).

There are a number of ways that you can ‘surprise’ your groom with a first look. You can sneak up on him or you can blindfold him and not let him take it off until you say so. You can even both be blindfolded and take them off at the exact same time!! The options are limited by your creativity and willingness!

For these photos just like the formals to come later, location is so very important. I love gardens and outdoor areas which give me a variety of ways to compose the images and lots of natural colours to work with.

Depending on the time available and where we are at the time we can incorporate multiple locations and get many an amazing image when you are all fresh from your getting ready!

Concerned about not having enough time for photos on your day?  First looks are a great way to increase the time you have available on your day which in turn will increase the number of formal/creative images you receive from me!

Just like the ‘reveal’ which you can choose however which way you’d like to do it it doesn’t have to be just you…we can also involve your bridal party also…it is entirely your decision…remember…your day…your way!

This can be such an amazing and fun part of the day and all before you’re even married!  Here are a few from Maddy & Patrick’s first look…


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