It’s ceremony time!!

Last week I wrote a little about the ‘first look’ and before that about ‘getting ready’ and so this week I thought I should carry this on and talk a little about your ceremony.  You’re all dressed and looking AMAZING, it is now time to jump in the limo and head to your ceremony where you will speak your vows to your man, slide a ring on his finger (and he yours) and be declared husband and wife and give him a snog…ahem…sorry…you may now kiss the bride…

This is where all the ‘official’ stuff happens to ensure your union is legal and it is the part of the day that you have been waiting for…that and of course your reception where you will dance the night away!

There are a few things that you can do in preparation for the ceremony (as well as during) that will make a lot of difference to your day and most importantly to how your photos will look!  

 Consider saying “no” to iPhones, iPads etc for the ceremony


iPads can be particularly horrid, but any camera phone, held up in the air during the ceremony – particularly at those special moments can really break an image. It’s not too much to ask of guests that they hold off from taking their own photos during the ceremony, and instead simply enjoy the occasion – you have after all paid me good money to take images.

Bit of a contentious issue these days and in my opinion there are no rights or wrongs but I certainly know what I would prefer. This is society as we know it today – these devices are an ever increasing part of our lives – I’d be surprised not to see them at a wedding. But during your ceremony and when you look back on your album would you prefer to see your guests faces or their phones? That’s your decision to make. It is after all, your wedding.
Write your own vows – make them personal!

Don’t just accept the bog standard stuff you have to say – put a bit of yourself into them. Whether they elicit laughs, smiles, tears or otherwise they will bring real emotion to your day and that translates into great photos not only of you two but of your guests too!

Also, choose an awesome celebrant…here are some tips on that!


Location is so very important!

Location location location. Does it look good? Is it awesome? Do you love it? Is it you? Try and visit your location at the time you are due to have your wedding (yes that’d be a whole year before if you can) to see what it will look like. One of my favourite wedding spots looks vastly different through the seasons! This goes for ALL outside locations especially up here in the Perth Hills!

 Where will the sun be?

Talk with your photographer about your ceremony location to determine the best spot to be at the time of your ceremony! You don’t want the sun in your eyes because you will look terrible in the photos with squinting and harsh shadows on your face – try and have the sun behind you, even if it is only just behind you – it’ll make a big difference!


Look at each other!

This one is so simple it hurts when it doesn’t happen! When you are walking back down the aisle after being announced husband and wife, do yourselves a favour and look at each other (hold hands too if you like!) This makes for such a great image as you are both super happy at this moment and looking at each other is going to make you both smile!  Oh and if your chosen venue will let you have petals then you get images like the above taken out at Sittella!

Last but not least!
During your ceremony you have to just go with it. You might slip or trip, you might cry (more than you hoped), he might cry (seriously amazing image if he does…no pressure boys!), a baby may cry, a bird might fly by and drop a surprise…who knows! The most important thing with any of this is to roll with it. A professional celebrant won’t skip a beat, yes I will have likely photographed whatever happens (if it is visual) but it will become a memory of your day. A “do you remember when…” moment. Try not to let it faze you!

Now this list is by no means exhaustive – there are other things that can be done to maximise the awesomeness of this part of your day…if you can think of some why not comment below and help other couples out!


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