Sometimes things don’t go to plan…


The recent crazy weather we had over the weekend certainly made for quite an unexpected outcome for two of my February brides!  Who would’ve thought that the second wettest day in Western Australia’s history would fall smack bang in the middle of summer and cause some pretty impressive flooding!

You’ve planned for a summer wedding…and yet you end up with very much winter conditions!?!

Sometimes this happens and things don’t go to plan as you expect…this can be a very small and minor thing or it can be a big crazy thing like flooding!  The most important thing to do with anything like this is to try and not let it phase you.  The second most important thing to do is to trust the professionals you’ve hired to get you through the day and make it everything it can be…you have hired professionals haven’t you?  Just as an aside…when it comes to tricky/challenging situations like rain (or torrential rain for that matter) having professionals on your ‘wedding team’ means you can sit back in the confidence that they can handle this rather than worrying about it and can guide you with the best options for your day.  

Not going to plan doesn’t just mean bad weather…it can mean a variety of things and knowing that you have the best possible wedding team at your disposal can really take a load off your mind.  This includes everyone from H&M, celebrant, photographer & videographer to reception venue, DJ and everyone else.  You hire us to serve you on your day and make it all that it can be…so sit back and enjoy your day and let us take good care of you!

The images and video below are from Jess & John’s recent wedding out at Barrett Lane.  The image above was during the ceremony and those below are from just before the reception…the floodwater rose quite a lot during the few hours in between!


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